Monday, February 6, 2012

RSSing and All That Jazz

Hey guys! I started my fashion RSS feed today using a program called Google Reader (which was cool because I already had a google account. Therefore, I didn't have to memorize my 34843732732832nd password!!!). I must say that I am genuinely pleased.

Imagine your favorite websites all in one spot. Usually, you have to type in a URL, go to the website, look for today's posts, find out that the posts haven't been updated and that they are the same posts you read yesterday, curse because you wasted time (and we are all a product of that good old American impatience), and repeat. That process is eliminated with Google Reader.

Keeping up with your favorite websites is simple. You log in and, on your homepage, you can scroll down and see all recent activity from the people, corporations, and magazines (to name a few) that you follow. That way, you can chose to read more in depth if a title or picture on your homepage catches your eye. Browsing the web is no longer necessary. The browsing can now come to you.

This tool can be useful for entertainment as well as educationally helpful. If I need to keep up with LGBT politics for class, what better way than to add that topic to my RSS feed? I don't even have to search. Every morning, an updated list of news, articles, videos, and links are sent right to my homepage. It eliminates time, effort, and frustration.

Oh, yes. I like.

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  1. Tym,

    That is awesome! Will you show us sometime in class when we have some free time? I think it would benefit us to see this in action.