Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Page Limit, Schmage Limit

When I write a paper, I hate being confined to a page limit. I mean, why write five pages on an issue when a concise writer can succinctly present that same issue in two? That just makes me want to fill my paper with fluff and unicorns, trashing an otherwise praiseworthy essay. Even worse, why assign me a topic that is so broad that I cannot be expected to cramp it all into three pages?


As future teachers, will it ever be possible to assign our students a paper with no page limit? What if I, in the prompt of an essay, I said to my students "write until you have proven your point?" Is that okay?

Well, I think it is. After all, fluff and unicorns do not a masterpiece make. They just make crap. Rainbow colored crap.

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