Saturday, February 25, 2012

From Chiseling on Stone to the Age of Digital Media

I was really intrigued by Chapter 4 of the Hicks text because it discusses what is actually meant by "crafting" writing with multimedia. Yes, the proposed activities we study in class are fun, but we, as teachers, are not just assigning "fun" activities.

We cannot lose sight of the educational content. There are many opportunities for students to learn and grow as writers and students. By exploring the craft of creating different types of multimedia, we can show digital writing in an exciting light.We can help our students become composers in the modern world.

As technology progresses, we have to grow with it. Some professors I have had in the past few semesters just refused to catch up to the times. I could imagine them saying "What is this email you speak of?" because they were so far removed from the digital era in which we grew up.

Let's not be those teachers, chiseling on stone when four-year-olds wield Ipads and six-year-olds Google themselves biweekly.

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