Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rice on Education: American Dream on Verge of Collapse

"Condoleezza Rice on Education: American Dream on Verge of Collapse: If America doesn't reform education, security and upward mobility will suffer, she warns"

 This article was posted on Google News a few hours ago and it's interesting. It's hard to imagine some of the immediate results of what could happen if American education does not reform (and really reform... not just pretend to "reform" like it has been doing in the past). Many educators and politicians are worried about the United States falling behind "educational powerhouses" like China and South Korea. I haven't looked enough into this myself to know how legitimate the opinions in this article are. Still, I think it's a frightening prospect and I thought I'd share.,0,3654983.story


  1. It is frightening. Although it is very difficult to compare education systems across cultures and countries. But I think we can definitely see even now that we are in trouble because of the lack of resources put towards education. For instance, the hundreds of thousands of dollars that our university spends on bringing celebrities to campus for concerts. (the Wiz Khalifa concert alone cost $100,000). But "we don't have money for the arts???"

  2. might i remind you that Rutgers outsted toni morrison as speaker for Snooki. ( i think that was the case.) Snooki! really?!?!?

    but seriously, what do you all think of the STEM movement, where they are trying to push students (maybe i should say, encourage) to focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math? Is this dangling the carrot in front of the horse cart, or is this an authentic way to introduce students to these fields that need them?